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1. What is Lion’s Way Martial Arts?

A: Simply put, Lion’s Way Martial Arts is the name of our school.  While we respect the

history of the martial arts we constantly train to better our selves in a modern environment. You

can learn more in our About Section.

2. What style(s) of martial arts do you teach?

    A: Lion’s Way Martial Arts is an eclectic style of the martial arts that seeks to benefit from the

cross training of different martial art concepts.  In the Teenager class we start with  a “hard” base

that includes techniques that could be found in karate, boxing / kickboxing; we then progress into

more “kung-fu” style with more circular movements (much like Hung Gar techniques) and a

stronger base in kickboxing with clinch work; we then drawl from some basic avoidence style

footwork to lead into SAMBO which consists of Judo techniques (throwing) and then jiu jitsu

(jujutsu) grappling / ground fighting. The children learn from the same methodeology, but with a

scaled back version more suited to young minds.  The Adult class learns a complete training

mehtodology that uses the SAMBO rules set(s) as a base and builds from their (see Adult SAMBO 

for more information.)

3. Where does your jiu jitsu (jujutsu) / submission grappling come from?

    A: Before black belt our submission grappling works as a basic introduction to the ground

fighting skills. Basic wrestling and submissions skills are included in this training. After black belt all

Lion’s Way Martial Arts black belts will become full students of SAMBO while continuing their

advancement of striking training.  The SAMBO is taught by our chief instructor Skip Scherer who

trains and teaches SAMBO under the supervision of SAMBO Specialist Aaron Feilds from Sea-Town


4. What is SAMBO (Also seen as SOMBO and CAMBO)?

     A: Please see our About SAMBO page

5. How can I start training?

    A: You will need to stop in at our school to actually sign-up for classes; we do not currently sign-

up new students over the phone or through the internet. By stopping in you can see our training

facilities and we can answer any further questions you might have about Lion’s Way Martial Arts.

This also gives us a chance to meet you and understand your training needs better. We look for

people with a good attitude and a willingness to learn. You may also feel free to stop in at any time

and watch a class.

6. What’s the youngest age you will accept students?

    A: Lion’s Way Martial Arts begins accepting students at the age of 4 years old. Beginning at this

age children will greatly benefit from the hand eye coordination, physical fitness and focus that the

martial arts have to offer. Older children will “get” the technical aspects of the martial arts faster,

but the younger children will gain a love of training that will stay with them into adult hood.

7. Can my child earn a black belt?

    A: While we believe children can accomplish great things, we do not place them on the same

level as adults.  At Lion’s Way Martial Arts your child can earn a Children’s Black Belt.  The children’s

program is a scaled back version of our adult / teenager program, designed to address the

particular needs of young martial artist.  A fast paced learning environment combined with strong

physical fitness, discipline and a well rounded basis in martial arts. After achieving this hard to

reach goal, your child may continue their training in the teenager and adult levels in order to

achieve their adult black belt.  While not a perfect analogy, think of it as going from elementary

school to high school: In elementary school you learn math, English and science and then when

you go to high school you continue to learn those same subjects; however you do not begin at the

top of the class but rather start over at another level of learning.

8. What weapons do you teach?

    A: Lion’s Way Martial Arts starts teaching weapons right from the White belt level. We believe

that the hand eye coordination and skills you gain are a vital part of the martial arts training. For

children the weapons included from white to the black belt level are: Nunchaku, gouble nunchaku,

Arnis stick, kama, soft staff and the bamboo sword. For teenager level the weapons are: Arnis stick,

Double Arnis, short staff, cane, tonfa (PR24), and knife.

9. What if I have more questions?

    A: If you have more questions we invite you to contact the Academy and schedule a time to

speak with an Instructor or Program Manager. They will be able to answer any further questions

you might have regarding the Lion’s Way Martial Arts system. Please call the Academy at 253-856-

2122 or e-mail us at info@lionsway.us.

Lionís Way Martial Arts