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Skip N. Scherer
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Skip Scherer has been training martial arts for almost two decades.  Beginning with boxing and then

moving on to a traditional karate / kickboxing style; Skip has earned several black belts and one 3rd

degree black belt. Most importantly he has continued to train; realizing that to stop learning is the

greatest disservice a teacher can ever do their students; Skip continues to train with top teachers of

various martial arts styles; including teachers of SAMBO, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Karate, Kung Fu,

and Muay Thai. 

Skip  is a professional, full time martial arts instructor.  His time is dedicated to his family and to the

martial arts with no other distractions.  His goals in life are to not only improve his own martial arts

skills but to also make his students the best that they can be.

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