Who we are…

With mutual welfare and respect… Lion’s Way Martial Arts has been teaching the best martial arts has to offer in the Kent, WA area since 1998.

Our comprehensive program covers punching, kicking, throwing, submission grappling and weapons. For Adults, we offer SAMBO (also called CAMBO) a Russian Style of martial arts consisting primarily of Judo and Submission Grappling. For Children and Teenagers, we offer age appropriate classes in a traditional martial arts environment that includes Karate, kickboxing and CAMBO.

No matter what you are looking for we can help you achieve your goals, give you the highest quality training and have fun while doing it!

  • 9-25-2023

    It feels great to get to work after such an exciting weekend! This week we start working towards the next test for children and teens! Testing is Friday Oct 6. Reminder, not everyone makes every test, but get that training in and see what you can accomplish.

    Adult group is picking up some steam too, as we start looking at throw veriations and guard work. Everyone is working and having fun at Lion’s Way!

  • 9-22-2023

    Friday! Reminder for everyone playing paintball this Saturday:

    If you are carpooling, we leave from the school promptly at 8:06 am! Don’t be late, or you’ll be walking – lol. If you need an extra preparation list, please stop in to the school and pick one up. Rain or shine, it’s going to be a fantastic time!

  • 9-20-2023

    Rainy Wednesdays are fine, as long as you’re training inside! Next regular test for teens and children is fast approaching! Friday Oct 6 is the testing day. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare.

    Paintball this Saturday! Looks like a cloudy day and maybe some light rain. We play rain or shine, so be ready to go! Here’s a look back at our group from 2021!

  • 9-18-2023

    Welcome to another great week! We have our normal training for children, teens, and adults! Check out those classes. This weekend, Saturday Sept. 23, we’ll have our annual paintball games! Open to the adults, teens and advanced kids’ classes, this yearly event is one of our favorites! Let’s get this week going!

  • 9-13-2023

    With everything that happened at the end of last week, going into this week has been a little hectic. Our fabulous students, friends and family have a made great work of it however. We thank everyone for the care and consideration you have expressed to us. We are eternally humbled and grateful. We have such a fantastic team here at Lion’s Way Martial Arts!

    Training had been going fabulous! Now that school is in full swing kids , teens, and even some adults are finding their grove. Getting back on a set schedule and being consistent is the best thing when training martial arts. Keep up the great work!

    Let’s keep pushing!