Who we are…

With mutual welfare and respect… Lion’s Way Martial Arts has been teaching the best martial arts has to offer in the Kent, WA area since 1998.

Our comprehensive program covers punching, kicking, throwing, submission grappling and weapons. For Adults, we offer SAMBO (also called CAMBO) a Russian Style of martial arts consisting primarily of Judo and Submission Grappling. For Children and Teenagers, we offer age appropriate classes in a traditional martial arts environment that includes Karate, kickboxing and CAMBO.

No matter what you are looking for we can help you achieve your goals, give you the highest quality training and have fun while doing it!

  • Monday!

    We don’t usually hate on Mondays here at Lion’s Way, it’s a great day to start training. When this picture popped up for me however, I just couldn’t help myself! It is almost Halloween after all. I hope Mondays don’t scare you, treat them like mini New Years! Set some new goals, work a bit harder on old goals, find some positive in your life. We’ll help you out by having some great training happening all week long!

    See you soon!

  • 10-15-2021

    Friday! Thanks to all the classes for working so hard this week. That’s how you put the good sweat on the mats! Enjoy that weekend rest and get ready to pick it up again on Monday!

  • 10-13-2021

    You must push yourself if you want to make the gains. If you can’t push yourself, we’ll be here to help you stay on track. Martial arts is an individual sport, but it still takes a team of training partners to make you great! Family, friends, and teammates all united to improving not just themselves but the whole.

    Join us in training, you won’t regret it.

  • Monday

    Welcome to Monday! Halloween is coming. The weather is changing. Training is going great. What a terrific way to start the week!

    Hope your week is kicking off just as great.

    See you in class!

  • 3 brothers

    Welcome to Friday! I wanted to introduce you to 3 of our friends here at Lion’s Way Martial Arts who don’t get the credit they deserve! The 3 brothers: Dry Mop, Wet Mop and Power Mop!

    Dry Mop cleans the mats of all dust and debris that settle overnight, or when we have doors open for summertime. Wet Mop scrubs the mats daily to keep them shinny and germ free! Power Mop, an industrial strength buffer, deep cleans once a month to make sure we go above and beyond with any kind of cleaning requirement. Cleaning this diligently has been our routine since we first opened, not because of covid, but because we care for the environment our students train in. Everything gets cleaned here with equal passion, the entryway, the bench, bathroom, changing rooms, everything!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this little behind the scenes moment at Lion’s Way Martial Arts. Now on to enjoying the weekend!