Who we are…

With mutual welfare and respect… Lion’s Way Martial Arts has been teaching the best martial arts has to offer in the Kent, WA area since 1998.

Our comprehensive program covers punching, kicking, throwing, submission grappling and weapons. For Adults, we offer SAMBO (also called CAMBO) a Russian Style of martial arts consisting primarily of Judo and Submission Grappling. For Children and Teenagers, we offer age appropriate classes in a traditional martial arts environment that includes Karate, kickboxing and CAMBO.

No matter what you are looking for we can help you achieve your goals, give you the highest quality training and have fun while doing it!

  • 3-24-2023

    Things have cooled down outside, but the training is still running hot! Friday is here and we’re going to ramp it up before the weekend. Hope your week was as good as ours and your weekend will be even better! Can’t wait for classes tonight! Have a great weekend!

  • 3-22-2023

    Wednesday! Great week so far, keep up the fantastic work! Next test for teens and kids is two and a half weeks out! Remember, the harder you train on the mats, the easier the challenge when tested! Let’s get working!

  • 3-20-2023

    Welcome to Monday and the first day of Spring! You might be a bit hard pressed to find it looking outside, however. Hopefully, you had a pleasant weekend and enjoyed a little sunshine and fresh air. We’re down to 3 weeks till the next belt test for kids and teens. Better get in and get training!

    Note: there is construction on 240th across from the Post Office starting today. The normal 4 lane road is now one lane each direction. Please plan your drive carfully.

  • 3-17-2023

    Happy Friday and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Looks like the weather is also warming up a bit. What a fantastic way to end the week! Let’s finish this week strong!

    Next week we are three weeks away from testing for children and teens! Don’t wait for the last minute to be ready. Start pushing yourself now! Last test before the end of the school year! Then on to summer training!

  • 3-15-2023

    Is that warmer weather coming our way? Hitting 60 later this week seems like a milestone. Hot or cold doesn’t matter for training, however. Keep up the great work, everyone. Testing for kids and teens is only two and a half weeks away and we have still have gains to make! Let’s push forward to a better us!