1 year ago…

It’s been a one year since our world changed. One year since things outside our control, took control of us. One year ago we were shut down. We were told it was for two weeks and it turned into months, into a year. Our lives changed, yet we moved on. We adapted and found new ways to do old things. Adapted more and created new ways that we never realized existed.

It has been a stressful year. A year where survival was not always guaranteed, but fought for constantly. A year where the support of our students, friends, family and surrounding community was often times the only thing to keep us going. Truly we never realized we had reached so many and to have them reach back to us was heart warming. We lost so much, but also gained in the help of others.

We have survived and continue to do so. It’s not over yet and the rebuilding process may take years. We shall seek to turn the hardships of life into the building blocks of things to come. For those that stuck with us through it all, for those that return to us and those that are finding us for the first time, welcome! Know that perseverance and dedication has seen us through the worst of times and that they will continue to push us into the best of times.

We have proved we are up to any challenge. Together we have made a difference. Together we shall be better than ever before.

From Lion’s Way Martial Arts to everyone out their, while we may look back on this last year with a heavy heart. We look forward to the future, knowing that our accomplishments will be that much sweeter in comparison.

Welcome to the New Year.

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