Wednesday REMINDER! Testing applications for all children and teens are due today. Testing is on Friday, and we will post testing times on Thursday. Please check back then.

Teens, please plan for a late kind of night, as this looks like a good-sized test. Again, please check back on Thursday for actual testing times.

Adults keep rocking it this week, you may not be testing, but you still have goals to reach!

Let’s get working!

Testing Week

Testing is this Friday for children and teens! Testing application will be sent home starting today (Monday). REMINDER: All testing applications need to be in by Wednesday, please DO NOT BE LATE! Testing times for each belt level will be posted by Thursday, late afternoon.

Class schedule as normal this week, except for Friday.


People are really pushing this week. Awesome to see such hard work on the mats. Testing next week for kids and teens! Keep pushing, even if you don’t make this test, it’s always nice to be ahead of the next one! Remember every improvement, no matter how small, is a step forward.


Welcome to another fun week of training! For children and teens, we are 2 weeks out from testing. Time to start making those challenging decisions on whether you’re ready to go or going to wait for the next one. No matter your choice, remember it’s the journey not the destination. Keep working hard and enjoying the experience!

Adults are continuing their review of some throwing fundamentals and groundwork. For new students this is a great time to get in on the ground flow or what you need. For long time students this is the foundation of your training and it’s always good to review and put a shine on it.

Let’s hit those classes folks, time to get to work.


Friday! While there are still troubling things happening in the world, it’s great to know that there are still great things too. The people that train at Lion’s Way Martial Arts are truly one of them. Children, teens and adults, all working together to improve not only themselves, but each of their teammates. Such a great week! Enjoy the weekend and we can’t wait to see everyone next week!


Wednesday! We’re about 2 and half weeks out from testing for Children and Teens! Not everyone tests every test, work hard and make it when you are ready. The importance is in the skills you gain, not the speed by which you attain them.

Adults are also working hard. Reviewing some basics of Judo and armbar submissions. Great to see the new people training and reminding the “old timers” not to get lazy – lol.

Hope to see you soon!


Monday is a day to remember that things don’t happen by chance, they happen because you have put the work in. Each day take those steps to improve, whether it’s 1% or even .00001%, it all adds up. Nobody may see the work you put in, or even acknowledge it, but you are fantastic for pushing forward. Others will call it luck, while you will know it was hard work and dedication. Monday is that day to start fresh, to make it happen again, and remember your goals and push for the steps to reach them! Happy Monday!


Things are definitely hopping here at Lion’s Way. Full week of classes and the mats have been bursting with people. Some classes are near capacity! We haven’t had that since before covid, feels good to see so many people getting back on track. Keep up the magnificent work!

Can’t wait to hit another round(s) tonight. See you soon!