Looks like one more day of slightly dreary weather before nature will finally break into summer. Sunshine and hot temperatures are on the way. Reminder, we do have air-conditioning at the school, so if temps spike, we will keep it cool for training. Nice weather during the day, great martial arts training in the evening! It’s going to be a great summer.


Schools out for children! Some finished last week, some are finishing this week, but we are on to another summer! The wonderful thing about martial arts is we are a year-round activity! We have fantastic classes all set to go all summer long! Our schedule is consistent so you can keep your kids, and yourself, in an easy routine. Let the summer of fun, challenging training and excitement commence!

Wednesday 6-15-2022

I want to take a moment and highlight a couple of people. Achieving a black belt at Lion’s Way Martial Arts is no easy task. Usually, we can make a bigger deal out of it, but this time we had more subdued celebrations. Still on such a rare occasion we require some special notice.

First, we have Komal. Since she started in our children’s class all the way back in Sept of 2014! 8 YEARS! She has been a constant, hard-working example of what a martial artist should be. No matter what else she added to her plate, be it schoolwork, dance, or something else, she always found a way to train and push forward with her goals. She and her family are very much a part of this place and always will be. Now she moves into the teenage class and begins the next trek towards her adult black belt! Such an inspiration!

Next, we have Kevin. In the 24-year history of Lion’s Way Martial Arts we have only had 1 person get both a children’s black belt and an adult black belt. Until today, that is. Kevin is the second person to have achieved both a child black belt and now his adult black belt. Kevin has practically trained every day since starting back in 2013. It would be easier to list the days he hasn’t been here over his almost 10 years of training. So hard working he earlier on outpaced the teenager class and we had to move him to the adult class to keep him challenged. Unfortunately, Kevin will be leaving us this year for college in New York. It will be strange not having him on the mats, but we know he is destined for remarkable things!

Congratulations to both these individuals and have a good journey on your next steps in life. Thank you for being a huge part of what we do here! Respect!


Friday! What a fun week of training! Kids and teens got a little lighter week of training. celebrateing all the hard work they put into testing. Monday we get back to working our core curriculium. Always an exciting time when you get to start learning the requirements for a new belt!

Adults have not been slacking. We have some great new faces working throws and submissions. Some are starting to put the shine on their “A” game as we head into upcoming competitions.

Great job this week to everyone. Enjoy the weekend!


A little way back Wednesday for you. This time we step into our time machine to 4 years ago. His mom sent this to me to share. While he’s a quiet kid, he has always been hardworking and happy to be in class. Now he is in our advanced kids class working towards his children’s black belt. From a small guy to a true monster on the mats, it’s been great having him, and his family, as a part of everything we do here.

This is what makes every day so special for me at Lion’s Way. Thanks to Connor and his mom for the great trip down memory lane.


Welcome to a new week. Last Friday’s test was a fabulous display of heart and dedication. The teens and kids put everything into this test, and it really showed. Some say grit is lost on today’s youth, I say they’re not looking in the right place. Fantastic job everyone! Testing results are posted in the school entryway.

Full schedule this week for all classes, children, teens, and adults. Let’s get training!


Testing Times for this Friday

Please remember to ARRIVE EARLY. Once a test has started, late students may not be able to enter. This is a big test, so please be patient as we work through it!


White and Sr. White Belts — 5 pm

Yellow and Sr. Yellow Belts — 5:30 pm

Orange, Sr. Orange, and Green, — 6 pm


Teenagers – 6:30 pm!

If possible, teenagers should show up at 5 pm to help with the children’s test. If not, then please show by 6:30 pm. The teenager test will begin immediately after the children’s tests end.

All teens should show for the test whether they are testing or not. Please support your teammates and plan to be there for the entire test. Due to the size of this test, please plan for a late night.

Thank you all for your support!


Welcome to June. Reminder that testing is this Friday for children and teens. Testing applications are due today for all classes. You may tun them in at any point in the day, thank you!

Adults remember no class on Friday due to the testing. So, get your training in tonight and tomorrow. Next week back to normal!