Every Monday is a great day to get started again. Set a new goal, work on an old one, help others with theirs, the options are boundless! You can find a way to make anything work, to make a positive where their isn’t one, just by keeping that mental attitude moving in the right direction. It doesn’t take anew year to make that happen, just the desire to have a new outlook.

Every day we push to be better. We push to offer classes that will help you. We push to make life a little brighter in dark times. Let’s get this Monday started on a positive foot and keep that moving into the weeks ahead.


We are happy to welcome everyone to 2021! It was a long hard fought year, but we made it. While challenges still lie ahead, hopefully we can hold our heads high knowing that the worst is behind us. Stay positive and keep fighting! Even if you can’t believe it yourself know that we believe in it for you!

Let this be the start of a fantastic year!

2 Days!

This marks the last two days of classes for 2020! After this we enter our normal Winter Break period from Dec 23rd to Jan 1st. All class offerings for children, teens and adults start strong on Jan 4th 2021!

Lets end this year on a Happy thoughts as 2021 will better bigger and better for us all.

Happy Holidays!

Full Week!

This is the last full week of class before we hit our holiday / winter break!

Keep active, better days are ahead, and we are here for you!

This year may have been challenging but we can still finish strong!

Testing results are posted in the Parent’s group and at the school.

Happy Holidays!


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Despite all the obstacles we were able to have a children’s black belt test this weekend! It was awesome! Such a hard test for kids to step into, especially this year! It will take a while to grade the test, but we are still celebrating all the hard work those kids put in!

All normal tests will also start this week! Remember not all kids test the first day they show for class, please be patient. We will get to everyone! Let’s make this the best end of year test ever!

Enjoy the week and let the testing begin!


Looks like we get some nice weather before the rain is going to hit, a little on the cool side, but still nice. Next week comes the rain! Get outside and enjoy it while you can, fresh air is great for the mental attitude.

We have started our testing cycle for kids and teens this week. If your child is testing please remember to turn in the testing applications. This will be the last testing cycle for 2020, so lets make it a great one!