We don’t usually hate on Mondays here at Lion’s Way, it’s a great day to start training. When this picture popped up for me however, I just couldn’t help myself! It is almost Halloween after all. I hope Mondays don’t scare you, treat them like mini New Years! Set some new goals, work a bit harder on old goals, find some positive in your life. We’ll help you out by having some great training happening all week long!

See you soon!


You must push yourself if you want to make the gains. If you can’t push yourself, we’ll be here to help you stay on track. Martial arts is an individual sport, but it still takes a team of training partners to make you great! Family, friends, and teammates all united to improving not just themselves but the whole.

Join us in training, you won’t regret it.

3 brothers

Welcome to Friday! I wanted to introduce you to 3 of our friends here at Lion’s Way Martial Arts who don’t get the credit they deserve! The 3 brothers: Dry Mop, Wet Mop and Power Mop!

Dry Mop cleans the mats of all dust and debris that settle overnight, or when we have doors open for summertime. Wet Mop scrubs the mats daily to keep them shinny and germ free! Power Mop, an industrial strength buffer, deep cleans once a month to make sure we go above and beyond with any kind of cleaning requirement. Cleaning this diligently has been our routine since we first opened, not because of covid, but because we care for the environment our students train in. Everything gets cleaned here with equal passion, the entryway, the bench, bathroom, changing rooms, everything!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little behind the scenes moment at Lion’s Way Martial Arts. Now on to enjoying the weekend!

23 Years!

Twenty-Three Years!

This October marks Lion’s Way Martial Arts twenty-three years serving the community.  What an amazing ride we are on!  After this last couple years of ups and downs, thanks to covid, it’s so wonderful to still be here doing what we love. I am so thankful for all the students, friends and families who have helped, not only these last years, but from the very beginning. 

For twenty-three years we have set a standard for martial arts training that is hard to compare too. A professional full-time school from day one, with full-time instructors, we set out with a dedication to provide nothing but the best. A level of consistency that is unparalleled! For twenty-three years we have only missed scheduled holidays and vacations, and of course the covid shut down. We are dedicated to being here, so that you will always have a consistent place to train. We are always training and running classes, so many great days, so many great memories!

For twenty-three years we have continued to grow and expand. From simple used mats to wall-to-wall professional grade grappling mats. From a tough scrappy instructor to the only place in the Pacific Northwest to offer Russian CAMBO. From a few dedicated students to the legion of students we have today. We have accomplished so much. In martial arts we’ve had winners in Judo, submission grappling, MMA and more. We’ve offered seminars in grappling, throwing and basic self-defense, which are prized by everyone from black belts to beginners. Outside of martial arts we have seen students grow and apply our lessons in other careers: Lawyers, IT specialist, Doctors, Chefs, small business owners and so many more. We have seen the shy kid become a leader and the challenged kid become confident. We are humbled and thankful by the greatness of our students.

What will the next twenty-three years bring us? We can hardly wait to find out! Each day we push ourselves and each day we strive to be better. Each day our students remind us of the wonders of martial arts and the awesome life that we lead here at Lion’s Way Martial Arts. Whether you are a student, friend, family or finding us for the first time, we welcome you. We look forward to the next steps of our journey, through the good times, the tough times and for all future times.

Three cheers for twenty-three years!

Three cheers for many more to come!


Lion’s Way Martial Arts

Testing Times

Testing times for Friday Oct. 1 2021.

Please remember to show up 10 mins early, we will be starting on time.

Once your test is over you may dismiss and testing results will be posted Monday. Please be patient, not all tests run according to plan and sometimes we must adjust schedule. Thanks!

Children White Belts — 5 pm

Children Senior White Belts — 5:30 pm

Children Yellow, Sr. Yellow, Orange, and Sr. Orange Belts — 6:00 pm

Children Red Belts — 6:30 pm

All Teenagers — 7:00 pm


Just a quick reminder for our children and teen classes. Testing applications are due today. We will post testing times tomorrow, usually before classes start, so check back then.

Adults continue training, large gains are made by making small improvements each time you’re on the mats. Keep pushing!

Monday 9-27-2021

It’s Testing week for Children and Teens! Testing application will need to be turned in no later than Wednesday this week. Testing will be on Friday, we will post testing times here on Thursday, so be sure to check back. Everyone has been working so hard for this test, it should be awesome!

Adult CAMBO class will be working the infamous Osotogari and a lot of variations of said throw. On the ground we continue our series of leglocks, looking at the kneebar and defenses.

So much good stuff this week!