Technical difficulties!

Looks like our website had been having some issues since yesterday (Tuesday). We apologize to everyone trying to access information. Everything should be back up and running now. Looks like we only lost our post from Monday. You can still find that on our Facebook page if necessary:

Now that things are fixed, we can return to our regularly scheduled training!


The sun is shining. People are training. Life is looking good.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and now it’s time to get to work. Work doesn’t have to be a bad word; work can be great when you’re training martial arts with us! Classes are in full swing, and we are having an exciting time! All classes are up and running children, teens, and adults, all we are missing is you!

Let’s get training!

Great to be open!

Last week Washington State returned to being fully open. As small business I’m happy to have survived in these troubling times but looking forward to the future. We thank everyone for all the support and care we have received. We have been humbled by your love. Now as we look to tomorrow, we will continue what has always been our mandate to serve you with the best martial arts program you can find. We are using this moment to renew our commitment, update our facilities and soar to even greater heights! Old students and new, friends and family, we made it and now let’s build some better memories.

Get in and get training, we’ll see you soon!

Are you staying cool?

The heat continues to scorch the PNW, we hope everyone is finding a way to stay cool.

Air conditioning is on! We will slow training down a bit since the heat can still be a factor. Don’t worry if you miss class, you can make it up later. Keep yourself cool and safe first!

Hang in there, temperatures will be dropping back into the 80’s later this week!

Looking forward

June is fast coming to a close and it’s bringing some great weather with it. As temperatures hit 80 degrees (or more!) we will be turning the air conditioning on. The only sweat we want is from the demanding work we put in! It looks like Washington State is still on track to open a t the end of June, it will be nice to get back to being able to do things normally. July 4th is right around the corner. We will be closed Monday July 5th in observance of Independence Day. Please plan your classes accordingly!

Ready to head into the second half of the year? We are! Time to get training.


Lots happening this week. We have finished another fantastic testing cycle here at Lion’s Way! Testing results are posted in the entry way to the school. This week many kids are also starting to finish school for the year. What a year it’s been! Looks like Washington state is still on track to completely open this month, so hopefully by next test we can operate as normal! So many things, so many great possibilities!

Testing Week

This week we start our next testing cycle for Children and Teenagers. We will be running split classes, half testing and the other half regular class. So even if you’re not testing you can still get your practice in! It’s going to be an exciting week!