What a great week of training. Classes were packed all week long! I love seeing that in the summertime! Hope you have a great weekend!

Next week, the week starting Monday July 25: Severe Weather Warning:

Hopefully, it won’t come to this but next week some weather models are predicting temperatures around / above 95 degrees. Yes, we have AC, but once the temps get over 90 degrees, it won’t do much good in our training area. In those cases, we will need to cancel classes that day for everyone’s safety. Please check our website or social media pages if temperatures ae approaching this threshold. We will try and decide by 1 pm on such days to notify you. Please find someplace cool and remember to drink that water!


Wednesday! Looks like the heat is coming back today. We’ll have the AC on and ready to go. It’ going to cool down and then next week we’ll be hitting 90-degree temps again! At 90, even with AC, we must slow the training down. So, stay tuned here to get updates. Get in and get training, well make it right no matter the heat!


Monday! This last Saturday we had a blast competing at Proving Grounds Submission Only Tournament. We had 3 people competing and while not everything went our way, they did an awesome job. This was everyone’s first sub only comp and we came away with 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Jared, who has the least amount of experience training, was arguably in the wrong weight class. He was on the lighter side of his competitors, yet still rocked it. Lots of draws, a win and a loss put him out of the bracket.

Grisha only had 2 competitors to challenge. After a long hard fought first round, he lost in the closing seconds to an arm triangle. The second match went the distance with him controlling much of the round, but unable to finish his opponent. Still a great showing. He tied for 2/3 which means bronze in this case, nope not silver.

Kevin had a strange day. Originally, he was supposed to have only 2 others in his division. For whatever reason neither of them showed for weigh ins. Proving Grounds offered to move him into the No-Gi division. We hadn’t done ANY preparations for No-Gi at this tournament, but oh well. He blazed through his opponents with a couple quick arm bars in the first 2 matches. The third match went longer, his opponent here had such grit and determination, he struggled to get him to tap to another arm bar attack. At one point Kevin almost relented thinking he had harmed him. Last match both him and his opponent were pushing exhaustion and his opponent managed to be the better grappler this day. Sinking in a great triangle choke. Silver in a division you didn’t even train for is fantastic!

All had an exciting time, and everyone learned so much. That’s what competition is all about. Videos of matches with be coming soon to our YouTube channel so keep an eye on: https://www.youtube.com/user/lionsway


Looks like my prediction for this week was right, classes have been packed. Great to see so many students training through the summer! It’s Friday and there is some great weather on tap for the weekend. Enjoy it, you’ve enerned it. Unless of course you’re in the adult class and you’re competeing this weekend, time for you to put the work in!

No matter what you’re doing this weekend, our best to you.


Monday was a little slow, but the rest of the week has been going strong. All indications are pointing to having packed class this week and it’s fabulous! We have a few people competing this weekend at Proving Grounds Submission Grappling Tournament. Wish them the best!


Parking closed for today. We are OPEN!Welcome to crazy Monday. I was hoping the parking lot paving would be finished by this weekend, no luck there. So, we are OPEN today, but there is no parking or drop off in front of the school. The main entrance that many use for the parking lot is also closed. Parking to the left (or right if you’re looking at the school) is open. Please allow a few extra minutes to make your way around to the other parking lot entrances. I’ll understand if you’re a little late to class.

I know it’s a headache, but everything will be back to normal tomorrow (Tuesday).


It’s Friday and there is a lot happening. If you are coming to class tonight, a reminder that they are paving the parking lot today. Spaces will be limited, and turnarounds will be busy. Please be patient and courteous to other drivers.

This weekend is also Cornucopia Days in Kent. That means traffic from downtown up the hill will also be busy. Plan your drives well and leave enough time to get where you’re going.

Time for some great classes to kick off this great weekend!


Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July. Reminder to make up that class and keep on track for your goals.

The parking lot is getting some work done this week. So please be prepared for construction and certain areas being blocked off. It should all be done by this week but be patient. Time to have fun and train super hard. It’s going to be a great week!