Today marks the first day of fall / autumnal equinox. If you haven’t already, time to dust off the jackets and keep those rain boots handy. We continue to train just like any other day, that’s the great thing about martial arts being a year-round sport!

Kids and teens are preparing for testing next week. Getting those last few practice sessions in before putting on the line. Should be an awesome test.

Adults CAMBO class is working some competition training this week. Even if you’re not competing it’s a fantastic way to push yourself and add some new elements to your grappling game. Keep training hard, the gains are the reward.

Summers End

Looks like this is the end of summer. Officially summer ends this Wednesday September 22. It seemed to go by so fast this year! Hopefully, you got the chance to enjoy it as we head into the rainy months and colder weather returns.

Testing for children and teens will be on Friday Oct. 1. A flyer will be going home this week with more information for those that are ready. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adults CAMBO class; going to be working a full throw to sub sequence this week. This should meld some of the techniques we’ve been working for the last week into a cohesive whole. It’s great to see all the isolated training grow in to a full fledge game plan.

Let’s get training!

Rainy Days

Welcome to Friday and welcome back the rain! Heavy rain and high winds are expected this Friday and into the weekend. Drive safe everyone, flooding is expected to be a problem. Hopefully, it won’t stop you from enjoying class. We’ll see you tonight and if not have a fabulous weekend!


Just hit the mid-way point for this month. A lot of things coming up next month, so we are going to be busy, busy, busy! In Oct. we have belt testing for children and teens. At the end of the month is Halloween and we’re hoping to able to do some kind of party this year. Not sure if it will be our normal epic party yet but keep hoping. Adults were hoping for some competitions to be started up, but those are still to be determined. Oct. is also the school’s anniversary. I’ll talk more about that later, but even Google recognizes we’ve been around a long time! – I guess anything over 20 years they just add a plus and not the years – lol

Enough on what’s coming, let’s focus on today. Keep training hard everyone, it makes life better.

New Week!

We had an awesome time this last Saturday playing paintball! If you missed it, you’ll have to wait till next year. We had close to twenty players from LWMA and combined with our friends from Woodinville Martial Arts who had over twenty, we had a fantastic group. Missed the large group shot this year, but I got a few pictures of those that weren’t too camera shy. Hope you can make it next year!

This week isa full week of training. Kids and teens are going technique heavy as we hit mid-month and next month’s testing is looming. Don’t wait to the last minute to get ready, trying to cram for a martial arts test is never a good idea. Adult CAMBO class will be working some good old fashioned hip throws, while on the ground we’ll be starting a series on the ever-popular leg locks. Such a great time to be training.

So much…

It was a short week of training but there is so much going on. Kids and teens really rocked it this week. When they are pushing me to keep up, I know I’m doing something right as a coach. Fabulous. Adults were also leaving me soar, hitting new throws and really polishing the butterfly guard into something dangerous. Such a dedicated group of students across the board.

They say if you want to be a lion, you have to train with lions, so you better get in here. 😎

Have a great weekend everyone!

Moving fast!

Wednesday already? Crazy how missing one day seems to make the week move that much faster. So much energy from the kids’ classes yesterday, it was fabulous! I expect to see more of that today.

Reminder for Advanced kids’ class, Teenagers and Adult classes: This weekend we have our annual paintball games! KC Paintball has an on-line form for signing waivers, so please see their website at: https://www.kc-crusaders.com/ — You can fill out a paper form on site, but easier to have it all done before hand. Please see me at the school if you need anything else.

Let’s keep pushing those limits this week, nothing can hold us back!

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone. We hope you are getting the chance to enjoy a 3-day weekend. Reminder, we are closed for all classes today. Use your time wisely because on Tuesday are back as normal and we have some exciting things planned for the short week. See you soon!

3 Day Weekend

Welcome to another great Friday. September is off to a great start; seeing kids, teens and adults all pushing so hard does a coach proud. As a reminder, Monday is Labor Day. We will be closed for classes on Labor Day, so enjoy the long weekend. Classes kick back into high gear on Tuesday, so come in ready to hit the ground running.

Have a fantastic 3-day-weekend!

Wed. Conversations

I love when people call me up and say something like “I did my research before calling and you’re who I called.” The internet is such a wonderful place to find information, get reviews, check out to see if a place is right for you. If you’re seeing this post on one of our social media platforms, please see our website for more detailed information about us: http://www.lionsway.us – Don’t feel like you must stop there! Ask friends and family if they have heard of us, we’ve been around a long time, check us on Google, take the time to know us, we encourage it!

At Lion’s Way Martial Arts, we have a no pressure atmosphere. When you feel ready, contact us with any questions you might have. No sales pitch, we supply the information you need to make the proper decisions for you and/or your family. We think once you have everything you need, you’ll agree that we are a great place to be!

See you soon!