Thursday 1-18-2024 – We are OPEN for all classes today.

Hope everyone is warm, has power and is read to train. Looks like the weather is returning to normal next couple days and this cold snap is over. Anyone else ready for Summer yet? 😁


Wednesday Jan 17. – As is our policy, if the Kent School District cancels class, we are also closed.

It’s a hard call to make sometimes, but we will always favor caution and the wellbeing of everyone. Be safe, be warm and hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow.


MLKTwo things for this glorious Martin Luther King Jr. Day! One for all students and one for ADULTS looking to sign up during our February Open Enrollment.

1 – We are OPEN for all classes today. Coming together and training together is the best celebration we can think of! Can’t wait to see you in.

2- Adults, reminder, that while our children and teens classes are open year round for enrollment, the adult class is a closed group. We only accept adult students 3 times a year; Feb., June and Oct. This February’s first start date is Feb. 5th. The last day to begin will be Feb. 27th. You must be pre-enrolled to being. E-mail us at info@lionsway.us for more details!

Have a spectacular Monday everyone!


Well, that took a turn for the COLD! Friday and we are open tonight for classes. We hope you are staying warm and safe. Roads may be icy, so if you don’t feel safe, please stay home. You can always make up classes when it gets warmer / safer!

Phone Calls – If you are calling us, please leave a message. We will get back to you. Currently, we are receiving a large number of calls and try as we might; we are missing some. E-mail is also a great way to contact us – info@lionsway.us

We are OPEN on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr Day! Have a great weekend!


Still monitoring the pesky snow. Right now, in our area, it looks like it will be light. However, this is WA, so that could change any minute. Reminder, we usually follow the Kent Schools District on whether to stay open or closed. However, sometimes that changes. Please check our website or social media pages for updates.

Till then, let’s keep training!

Adult training!

Adults, are you ready to start working on your goals? Have fun, get in shape and learn to protect yourself! A great opportunity is coming!

While our children and teen classes are open year round for new students, our adult class operates as a closed training group. That means we only have open enrollment three times a year! February, June and October.

So our next open enrollment is coming. Our CAMBO class, Russian style throwing, submission grappling, striking and self defense, has what you need. A no ego atmosphere dedicated to training. Classes are capped at 10 students, ensuring personalized attention from our experienced instructors. A great learning environment for those new to CAMBO or those looking to up their previous training.

Contact us today for more detailed information and to reserve your spot! E-mail us directly info@lionsway.us 

We look forward to training with you!


Is that snow in the forecast? Reminder that usually we follow the Kent school districts’ advice on whether to stay open. Occasionally, however, things are different, so we always recommend checking our website or social media pages first before coming to class. On days with severe weather, we try to decide no later than 2 pm. We are diligent about keeping everything up to date!

Till then, we are OPEN and ready for classes! Can’t wait to see you training!


First Friday of 2024! This had been a great week to kick off training for this year. Great job to all the students on putting the work in.

Special note: On our social media accounts, predominately Facebook, we are getting a lot of spam posts. These post list links where you can get “gear” or other merchandise from Lion’s Way. These are all scams. We DO NOT allow third part linking on our social media sites. If not posted by our official account, please do not click the links. We ban and delete these posts as fast as possible, but they are prolific right now. Thank you.