Russian Style Judo and Submission Wrestling 
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An acronym for "SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya" or "Self-defense without weapons", SAMBO

(sometimes also seen as CAMBO) is a form of sport, self-defense, and combat established in the

former Soviet Union during the early twentieth century. Under the leadership of SAMBO's

forefathers V.S. Oshchepkov, V.A. Spiridinov, and A. A. Kharlampiev, indigenous fighting styles from

regions including Japan, China, Mongolia, India, Africa, Europe, North America, Caucasus, and

Russia were studied and blended into what is now known as SAMBO. After generations of civilian

and military refinement, SAMBO has evolved into an extremely formidable fighting art with

principles applicable to martial artists of any style. Like all fighting systems, SAMBO continues to

grow and evolve in both its sport and combat variants.

Lion’s Way Martial Arts is proud to be a part of both the Seattle Jujutsu/SAMBO Club (Sea-Town Grappling / CAMBO) and the American SAMBO Association. Sea-Town Grappling / CAMBO represents our friends, training partners and coaches in SAMBO and provide LWMA with some of the highest quality grappling / throwing instruction available in the Seattle area. The Seattle Jujutsu and SAMBO Club is a CO-OP club founded February of 1998 in Seattle. The club is known for its rigorous practices, the technical ability of the members, and the smiling faces of the participants. The club's goal is the practice of physical culture and all the benefits, which ensue.   The club is based around the practice of three closely related grappling methodologies; jujutsu, Russian SAMBO, and judo. All three activities are based around sound body mechanics, which are universal. All three sports spring from the same fountain-head of physiology and history; more than anything, modern rule-sets divide between three.   The club offers the opportunity to practice sport and freestyle SAMBO, in addition to a jujutsu, and judo. Techniques and approaches from all of the above noted sources are incorporated into daily practice, but are always clearly delineated as to their source.  Our SAMBO Club is a direct work group out of Sea-Town SAMBO and we enjoy being able to offer our area such an in depth look / training in this Russian Judo and sub-mission grappling style. The American SAMBO Association is committed to becoming the premier association dedicated to the advancement of SAMBO in the United States. Through tournaments, training camps, seminars, demonstrations, coach development, team development, marketing, and cross-discipline affiliations, the American SAMBO Association strives to introduce and educate the American public to the benefits of SAMBO Through memberships for schools and individuals, the American SAMBO Association strives to monitor and make available SAMBO training of the highest quality. The American SAMBO Association supports and promotes bridge-building across martial art disciplines.  The American SAMBO Association does not promote any particular ranking system. Recognizing the moral responsibilities of all martial arts, the American SAMBO Association offer its services to local and global community building and human service efforts. Most importantly, like SAMBO itself, the American SAMBO Association promises to grow and evolve with the needs of its members and students. 
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