Want to add some SAMBO or Combat SAMBO to what you do? We are available for Seminars / Work Shops where we come to you.  All such efforts are arrange on a case by case basis, but are always designed to be informative, hardworking and affordable! Please send us an e-mail with your wishes desires for a SAMBO event at your martial arts school: Lion’s Way Martial Arts offers it’s students a verity of training outside of the class room, that will help students supplement their training. All these courses are optional parts of the LWMA curriculum and you can attend or decline as your interests dictate.  Some seminars are “students only” while others are open to the public please check each seminar for more details.  All seminars are scheduled as they become available and we invite you to keep an eye out buy training at Lion’s Way Martial Arts, watching our Facebook or Twitter pages, or keep an eye on our Events Calendar for future updates. Some examples of the types of seminars we occasionally offer: SAMBO Seminars from Sea-Town SAMBO or with the American SAMBO Association Survival Seminars including war games (paint  ball), mountain survival, desert survival, and more . Striking Seminars that includes information from boxing to Muay Thai. Weapon Seminars from the details of stick and knife to more traditional weapons such as the nunchucku ...and more, you never know what you might find unless you’re paying attention!

Expand what you know!

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